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DG FlexFeeder 601 

Compact, flexible and powerful vibrating feeder for small to medium-sized products. DG FlexFeeders vibratory feeding systems are built to make part handling and packaging processes smoother, faster, quieter and more flexible.

The DG FlexFeeder is designed for feeding and packaging the most challenging products - small and tiny. Optimized for handling components/products 1-50mm in size with a minimum length of 3mm. The FlexFeeder takes care of your products with the greatest care, the belt with a fine surface ensures a smooth movement of the product while maintaining a short dosing cycle time.

Compact and powerful design of the DG 601 will facilitate placement in your operation and is suitable for independent production or integration in a larger system. The real strength is in the ease of use and the ability to learn up to 1,500 unique product numbers depending on the geometry.

  • Ideal for products with a size of 1-50mm

  • Speed of filling up to 25 bags per minute

  • Dosage up to 500 pcs/min

  • Compatible with Autobag machines

  • Ease of use

  • Little one-floor plan area - only 1.61 m²

  • Low noise level, 53-55dB

  • Made for stand-alone use or integration into a production line

  • Sorting, positioning and counting products

  • Low cycle time and gentle product handling

  • Optimized for handling fragile products

  • Option to add larger buffer -  30L, 45L or 100L

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