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We offer first-class foils in various sizes, thicknesses and designs.

Oriented linear low density polyethylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene, BOPP lamination films for paper lamination,  highly transparent, biaxially oriented, coextruded films of polyethylene terephthalate, PE films, stretch films, low density polyethylene, hybrid shrink films made of PVC, PET or OPS, PVC shrink films and highly transparent polyvinyl chloride, it’s overview of the films we offer for a wide range of applications.


PO films

Polyolefin film has excellent optical properties and is used in the packaging of products that you want to highlight. Even the most complex products will receive an optimally glossy, representative protective packaging that has no competition.

  • We offer PO foil in semi-sleeved or single rolls, in the required size and thickness,

  • All PO foils comply with European regulations for direct contact with food and can be easily recycled.

  • PO foils are characterized by high transparency, strength, gloss and higher temperature resistance.

  • Thanks to its strong welds and excellent shrinkage properties, it offers optimal protection of packaged goods during storage and distribution.


PE films  ( LD, MD and HD)

Universal film for repacking and packaging, for thick and thin products. Our film is characterized by an extremely wide range of applications.


Whether in the packaging of containers, in the consumer goods industry, as tray packaging in the food industry, as a bottom or cover sheet or even as a semi-finished product in the production process – the possibilities are infinite.

  • Flat sheet 150 – 2.000 mm, tube, center-folded 150 – 2.000 mm, full hose 200 – 2,000 mm, shrink wrap tubing, vending machines, shrink films mono and biaxial, as well as non-shrinking or as blanks

  • Roll diameter: max. 5.400 mm from 15μm

  • Thickness from 15μm

  • Smooth or dull surface, possibly antistatic

  • Execution: transparent, needled, perforated, prepressed, with edge trimming

  • Coloring / printing: opaque and translucent, up to 8 colors and a max. width of 1.250mm


BOPP films

The BOPP films stretched in the longitudinal as well as the transverse direction are characterized by excellent barrier and heat-sealing properties, but above all by their high stiffness and transparency.

  • BOPP biaxially oriented polypropylene, Release, plain, or COEX execution

  • flat film 25 – 2.500mm, center-folded 100 – 670mm

  • thickness: 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50μm (others on request)

  • non-sealable, cold- or heat-sealable, metallised, white (solid or foamed), matt, coated (acrylic, PVDC, VLTS), antifog, fast-acting, smooth or blunt

  • execution: whether or not perforated, hot-felt or macro-perforated, untreated or not pre-treated (corona or flame treatment)

  • up to 12 colors and a max. width of 1.480mm


BOPP lamination films

SORELAM laminating films are suitable for the finishing of: Envelopes and brochures of particular elegance, catalogs, company annual reports, folding boxes, labels, brochures, folders, menus, city maps, posters, etc.

All foils are pretreated in such a way that they can be processed without further laminating such as pre-printing, structural embossing, mirror bonding or UV spot coating.

  • Maximum abrasion resistance and durability

  • Optimized mechanical stability

  • High protection of the carrier against moisture and chemical solvents as well as mechanical contamination

  • Washable, and thus hygienically perfect, eg for schoolbooks

  • Subjectively increased brilliance of the printing inks


CPP films

PP CAST film is a heat-sealable non-oriented polypropylene film. The film has high elasticity, slipperiness and is very well weldable.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us HERE.


Shrink films

​In the stretch film category, you can choose quality hand-made stretch films or machine roof films. It's used fo packaging pallets with goods. We offer several options for extensibility and thickness.

stretch foil for packing on pallets

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