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BVS - Packing tables and workplaces

Advantages of BVS packing tables and workplaces

  • individually designed to fit your operation

  • possibility of additional variable extension

  • innovative planning and design of each project

  • robust design made of quality materials

Packaging tables and workstations as flexible as your requirements...

We offer a comprehensive solution of packaging tables and workplaces for your operation. In cooperation with specialists from BVS, we are able to design a completely new custom-made solution or possible integration of existing systems, processes and optimal use of existing interfaces.
Thanks to our own development in the technical and construction modular department of BVS, where tables are manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles, we are able to meet almost all the requirements of our customers. All tables are very robust, extremely stable and can be changed or extended at any time.

Optimal ergonomics and shorter routes reduce packaging costs. Thanks to our unique integration options, we strive to provide your operation with a complete supply of packaging material and machines for its processing.

Filling materials, cardboard boxes or adhesive tapes are always within reach of the operator. We offer Installation of compressed air or electrically lifting units that can be adjusted to the requested height in seconds allowing the operator to pack quickly and efficiently at an ergonomic heighton the packaging table. We also offer lifting units with integrated scales for easy weight determination during the packaging process.

Samples of finished packing tables:

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