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Autobag® AB 650™ Horizontal

The Autobag 650 Horizontal is an automatic filling and sealing machine capable of running 400mm wide bags, a large load area for order prep and bulk product queuing, and a compact design that minimises floor space. Developed for reliability, flexibility and optimising packaging throughput, this system delivers maximum uptime while lowering total package cost.

When used with genuine Autobag pre-opened bags and AutoLabel™ Thermal Transfer Ribbon, the Autobag 650 Horizontal ushers in the next evolution of high-quality, reliable and flexible wide bag packaging, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive technical and field service network.

Bag width:

Bag length:

Bag thickness:

Air Feed:

Machine dimensions:


100 - 400 mm

140 - 910 mm

35 – 100 microns

140 l/min/5,5 bar of clean and dry air

874 x 1692 x 837 – 1361 mm

230 V


Autobag® AB 850S™

Automated system for packaging large bags / sacks for larger and bulkier products, mainly in the E-COMMERCE industry.


This packaging machine is designed to provide increased packaging productivity in the mail order fulfillment industry. The machine processes bags up to 550 mm wide and up to 900 mm long. This machine is ideal for packing T-shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, etc.


With its reliability and, above all, flexibility, it provides maximum uptime and productivity when packaging. The large interactive AutoTouch obrazovka touch screen allows the operator to quickly recall and set up packing tasks. The system's high memory capacity makes it easy to store various programs, and the touch screen offers excellent diagnostic help.

Bag width:

Bag length:

Bag thickness:

Air Feed:

Machine dimensions:


254 – 550 mm

254 – 900 mm

35 – 100 microns

140 l/min/5,5 bar of clean and dry air

955 x 1639 x 943 – 1196 mm

230 V


AirPouch® EZ-Tear™system

  • Patented EZ-Tear™ perforation between individual bubbles and tubes, offering a higher yield and demanding less force for tearing individual bubbles and tubes apart

  • High material resistance and strength

  • Clean, dust-free and light material

  • Delivered in box in order to provide for better handling and space save during storage

  • Width 100, 150 and 200mm


Recycled EZ-Tear™ AirPouch®- AirPillows

  • Contains 95% recyclable plastic material

  • Fully recyclable

  • Offering a cost-effective, sustainable packaging alternative

  • Exclusive EZ-Tear ™ – perforation simplifying the handling

  • Costs reduction due to higher volume and use of film in a box

  • The material packed in the box saves space

AirPouch EX Premium EZ-Tear - AirPillows

  • Extraordinarily strong material with a high perforation resistance

  • More than 1,5 km material in one box – decreases the necessity to interrupt the work-cycle and also lowers the storage demands as well as distribution costs

  • Entirely recyclable

  • Exclusive EZ-Tear ™ – Perforace

AirPouch® 600™  - setup with stand


EarthAware DuraClear 2000

  • The patented bubble-packaging film cobweb is manufactured from a system
    of canals serving for pressure balancing, which enables the packaging films great adaptation to the packaged goods.

  • High strength and resistance

  • Recyclable and biologically degradable

  • EZ-Tear™ exclusive perforation

  • Eliminating the storage of large boxes and foam

  • Excellent air contention



  • High quality air-honeycomb filling AirPouch® Fastwrap™, used to fill empty spaces in boxes and protection of goods transported. Fully automatic process and easy operation, will certainly a great asset to your warehouse or shipping.



WaveWrap® is based on a sheet of corrugated cardboard, in which the packaged goods are enveloped. All the sheets are coated with an adhesive on one side, which fixes the packaged goods to it without leaving gaps during packaging.


Because WaveWrap® wraps around the ware and gently fixes it onto the entire sheet, there is room for the sheet formats as long as sufficient overlap at the sides and on top is ensured.

Packaging material is provided in following dimensions:

350 x 300 mm,  430 x 350 mm, 530 x 400 mm

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