Air solution - AirPouch® a Fastwrap™

AirPouch® air pillows

Our filling material and protection material portfolio grants you a quality alternative thanks to the polyurethane chips, foam or sheeting paper. The AirPouch® type pillows, bubbles and tubes make your product safe, embed it and thus, they protect your product during transport.

The AirPouch® pillows lower the costs for storage and manipulation because they are produced on the same premises they are used on.


All our materials comply with the CID-AA-549D and ASTM D-2221 norms.

AirPouch® EZ-Tear™system

  • Patented EZ-Tear™ perforation between individual bubbles and tubes, offering a higher yield and demanding less force for tearing individual bubbles and tubes apart

  • High material resistance and strength

  • Clean, dust-free and light material

  • Delivered in box in order to provide for better handling and space save during storage

  • Width 100, 150 and 200mm

Recycled EZ-Tear™ AirPouch® - AirPillows

  • Contains 95% recyclable plastic material

  • Fully recyclable

  • Offering a cost-effective, sustainable packaging alternative

  • Exclusive EZ-Tear ™ – perforation simplifying the handling

  • Costs reduction due to higher volume and use of film in a box

  • The material packed in the box saves space

AirPouch EX Premium EZ-Tear- AirPillows

  • Extraordinarily strong material with a high perforation resistance

  • More than 1,5 km material in one box – decreases the necessity to interrupt the work-cycle and also lowers the storage demands as well as distribution costs

  • Entirely recyclable

  • Exclusive EZ-Tear ™ – Perforace

EarthAware DuraClear 2000

  • The patented bubble-packaging film cobweb is manufactured from a system
    of canals serving for pressure balancing, which enables the packaging films great adaptation to the packaged goods.

  • High strength and resistance

  • Recyclable and biologically degradable

  • EZ-Tear™ exclusive perforation

  • Eliminating the storage of large boxes and foam

  • Excellent air contention


  • High quality air-honeycomb filling AirPouch® Fastwrap™, used to fill empty spaces in boxes and protection of goods transported. Fully automatic process and easy operation, will certainly a great asset to your warehouse or shipping.

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