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AIRplus® - air cushions

STOROpack's AIRplus® air cushions are the optimal protective packaging for sensitive goods, as they are light and reliably absorb shocks or fall shocks. Different pillow shapes can be produced directly at the packaging workplace according to requirements, thereby saving valuable storage space. All types of AIRplus® machines can be integrated into packaging processes - including combination with automatic packaging lines and storage containers at packaging workplaces.

​Advantages of the AIRplus® air cushions


  • Reliability: constant quality of self-produced film

  • Versatility: there is a type of air cushion for every use

  • Economy: low consumption of raw materials thanks to multi-layer co-extrusion

  • Durability: excellent mechanical properties

  • Environment: AIRplus® foils are fully recyclable. AIRplus® Bio films are compostable according to DIN Certco EN 13432

  • Space saving at the workplace and wide integration options

Available variants of AIRplus® air cushions


  • Co-extruded film for exceptional durability and reliability

  • Increased resistance to perforation by sharp objects, corners or edges

  • Available as void, cushion, bubble or wrap film

AIRplus® 100% RECYCLED

  • Made from 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials

  • Recyclable again and again

  • Available as void



  • The film has a TÜV Austria certificate for home composting

  • Complete decomposition in private or industrial composting systems to natural, non-toxic sources

  • Fast biodegradation (1 year in compost) compared to non-compostable plastic products

  • Partially processed from renewable resources

  • Reliable protection for light to medium weight products

  • Biomass is safe for both plants and worms

  • Available as void


  • Made from at least 50% recycled materials

  • Suitable for protecting light to medium weight products

  • Available as void, cushion, bubble or wrap film

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